Rapid absorption

Fast access to the blood stream

HYDRO.365 is more easily absorbed than intact whey protein because it has already been broken down, or pre-digested, into amino acids and small peptides. HYDRO.365 is also unique amongst whey protein hydrolysates as it has been extensively hydrolysed.

Studies have shown that these amino acids and peptides are more readily absorbed than the intact proteins normally found in food. Since they are absorbed directly and rapidly into the blood, this may enhance the recovery process.

The amino acid profile contains high proportions of the muscle-building branched-chain amino acids, including leucine. These act both as signalling molecules that initiate the synthesis of new proteins and as essential building blocks.

During exercise, an athlete’s body uses around 25% more branched-chain amino acids than normal. HYDRO.365 is an optimal solution for meeting the resulting nutritional demands.