HYDRO.365 Benefits

Back on the track – faster

Without proper recovery, a sportsperson cannot hope to maintain peak performance and prevent problems such as muscle damage, dehydration and injury. HYDRO.365 helps create the right conditions for efficient recovery and a shorter wait to the next training session. As a whey protein hydrolysate, HYDRO.365 is pre-digested, giving it faster access to the blood stream.

Whey protein hydrolysates have been shown to restore peak power and eliminate muscle soreness within six hours after hard exercise, when compared to intact whey protein.

High quality protein is essential to maximising muscle strength and power after each training session. Because the whey proteins in HYDRO.365 are already broken down into small peptides and amino acids, they are much more readily accessible to the body

Key amino acids, such as leucine, initiate the synthesis of new proteins and serve as essential building blocks in muscle development.

Consumption of HYDRO.365 in combination with carbohydrates also induces a high concentration of insulin in the blood stream. In addition to regulating blood sugar, insulin is one of the body’s most powerful muscle-building hormones.

Hard training calls for stamina – and that means a long-lasting energy supply. The body relies on carbohydrate stored in the muscles to keep it going and to maintain peak performance. So maximising these stores is key.

After prolonged exercise, these reserves will be depleted and need to be replenished quickly.

A sports supplement containing HYDRO.365 and carbohydrate creates the optimum conditions for restoration. The body can then convert glucose into its storage form: glycogen. Before long, the muscles are ready for the next challenging test.